How to Sell Your Structured Settlement

There are a lot of things you need to do to sell your structured settlement. First you need to shop it around with many different companies to get the best price. The three biggest companies in the industry are JG Wentworth, Peachtree Settlement Funding, and Stone Street Capital. If you are selling an annuity or structured settlement ask all three of them. In addition to calling the biggest companies you should get quotes and from the smaller companies. There are a lot of companies in this business so it`s better to contact a bunch to get the best price.To find the smaller companies you can use Google. Just write “sell structured settlement”, “get structured settlement quote” or “buy structured settlement” in the search engine. When the offers start coming you can pit these companies against each other to get the highest price. All offers must be written down then as they come in just start forwarding them to competing companies until they give you the highest price.Check out all companies before you agree and if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is. For example if you get $65 thousand after haggling and negotiating as the highest quote and at the last moment another company comes in with a crazy offer like $90 thousand, be very careful. Some of these companies will offer you very high price to get your structured settlement, then will back out after you sign the contract (which they can do) and say that they can not offer you that price anymore and you`ll have to take small sum. After that they will tell you that if you cancel the contract with them you`ll have to start the process again which`ll take months so it`s better to accept their new offer. So if you get a high reasonable offer take it, don’t get unreasonable high offers because in this industry there are a lot of companies who do that on a regular basis.

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